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Reputation Management

  • Automate your Google Reviews

  • Update Website for Key Search Words

  • Search Engine Optimization

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We are passionate about helping small businesses compete in todays ever advancing marketplace. We Utelize Advances in Artifiial Intelligence Technology in order to improve Customer Relationship Management

At AZ A.I. We bundle a variety of Business Software in order to cater to every business' needs


Website Construction

Build or update your current website within our easy to use website design software


Business Software

Our software is bundled in a way that will cater to your individual business' needs. Replace your old, expensive software, with our new systems. Manage your calendar, customer profiles, and workflows all with in our system.


Customer Relationship Management

Aggregate social media accounts, client SMS messaging, and Google reviews to manage each client relationship with in our platform.

How We Work

Simple as 1-2-3


Meet with a member or our Sales Team to assess your business needs


An Agent in our Onboarding Team will meet with you to get you set up and started


Watch as your small business runs more efficiently, as you ascend higher on Internet search rankings, and as you get and retain customers.


How Is AZ A.I. Software different from other companies?

We have aggregated a variety of software services onto one platform, allowing us to be a one stop shop for customers. We utilize developments is A.I. technology to help your business connect with clients.

Are you staying up to date with A.I. trends?

We at AZ A.I. are passionate about working with you to learn the ins and outs of your business and determine what Software will be right for you and your clients.

How do I know that you are the right Software company for me?

We EXCLUSIVELY provide services for small business. Small business are the backbone of our global economy. With out you, major corporations are able to take advantage of consumers. Not all business have a budget devoted to making developments in A.I. Software. We want to ensure that small business' are able to modernize their functions and keep up with rapidly advancing technology at an affordable price.

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